Ecstasy Aura Face Off Collection

February 2022. Ecstasy Aura metaverse escort first public appearance after 10 years from creation. We can finally see her naked face in the glamour of the Apache Leprechaun performance make-up. In this series Ecstasy present herself free from her iconic helmet, showing she got an attitude too, aspiring to play in the role of a Rogue Jedi in a star wars sequel, or a Blade Runner post-credit teaser. Credits: Video portraits published under the permission of her Master Vive Voom.

Collection details

Serie of 6 Video Edition
Date: 15 February 2022 at 4:44 (GMT+2)

Original produced as a Live Performance of Ecstasy Aura in the public metaverse of Linden Labs® Second Life, then captured as Machinima in green screen.

Post-produced as a perpetual loop video, now available in OpenSea in its original format.

Kind: MPEG-4 movie
Size: 33.717.020 bytes (34,8 MB on disk)
Dimensions: 1072x1176
Codecs: AAC,H.264
Colour profile: HD (1-1-1)
Duration: 00:27

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